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Join us at STARS for a Middle School Executive Function Camp!

Who: Students entering grades 6-8

What: A four-day camp where students will learn essential executive function skills that are critical for success in school, at home, with friends and in the community. These skills will be taught using the SMARTS program.

When: August 20-23 from 9am-12noon.

Where: STARS Learning Cooperative 194 Main Street Freeport, ME.

Why: Because strong executive function skills improve performance in school and in life, and help people achieve their goals.

How: To register call STARS at 207-869-5216 or email Karyn at or Biz at

Fee: $600.00 for 12 hours of instruction. All materials are included in this fee.

SMARTS© empowers students by helping them understand their strengths and weaknesses and teaching them critically important executive function strategies. SMARTS is:

Strategies: Executive function strategies, sometimes called executive function skills, empower students to manage demanding academic school work, allowing them to focus their effort and show what they know. When students use strategies effectively, they think and problem solve more flexibly.

Motivation: When students learn strategies that allow them to complete their homework and school work, which previously seemed impossible, they are more motivated to work hard.

Awareness: SMARTS teaches students to develop metacognitive awareness, so they understand how they think and learn. With this knowledge, students can select the strategies that work best for them and can apply these strategies to assignments in all their classes.

Resilience: Once students have learned executive function strategies and understand their learning profiles, they develop resilient approaches to learning. When faced with challenges, they apply strategies rather than giving in to frustration.

Talents:   Strategies and metacognitive awareness allow students to leverage their talents, applying their strengths in creative ways so that they can overcome challenges and succeed.

Success: With SMARTS, all students gain the tools they need to succeed. When students understand their learning profiles and use the SMARTS strategies to complete their homework and school work, they are more motivated to persist in the face of challenges.


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