Our coaches support students in developing a comprehensive understanding of both the nature of ADHD and the impact of ADHD on the student's quality of life. Coaches help students with ADHD identify their goals and stay focused on these goals, despite obstacles they may face. ADHD coaches help students address issues such as time management, task initiation, sustained attention, organization, and goal directed persistence in a supportive non-judgmental partnership in which the student is encouraged to set reasonable and attainable goals and create an action plan to reach those goals. The coach provides support as the student works to increase self-awareness, self-esteem and self-reliance, which are all important for health and well-being. 

Executive Skills Coaching

At STARS executive skills coaching is customized to meet individual needs. Our coaches place great emphasis on increasing independence through the development of supportive strategies or tools. The goal of the coaching relationship is to identify specific executive skills challenges, provide targeted training for maturing these processes and teach skills and strategies that support independence.

In academic coaching, goal setting is of primary importance, and building self-management techniques, such as self-monitoring, self-evaluation, self-instruction and self-reinforcement is also crucial. STARS coaches seek to enhance self-regulatory capacities so students become less reliant on external motivators and cues to engage their executive skills to reach goals. Coaches monitor and support students, while empowering them to solve problems and face obstacles with confidence.


STARS provides subject specific tutoring as supplemental learning for students from elementary school through college. Tutoring provides individualized instruction, customized to students' unique learning styles, in an environment that allows students to progress at their own pace and receive praise, feedback, and encouragement every step of the way. Tutoring maximizes time on task, and allows for repeated guided practice of demonstrated skills.

SAT Prep

The SAT is one of the more demanding tests a student will take in his or her lifetime. It is also one of the most important criteria in determining a student’s admission to college, as well as potential scholarship opportunities. The SAT is offered in October, November, December, January, March, May, and June. Most students take it in the spring of their junior year of high school. They may choose to repeat the exam in the fall of their senior year.

STARS tutors prepare students for the demands of the SAT, including academic knowledge, time-management, and test-taking strategies. SAT tutors focus on your child's specific strengths and weaknesses and go over content and strategies at a pace suitable for your child.

Study Skills

STARS offers small group and 1-to-1 study skills instruction. We use the SOAR® study skills program as the foundation for our instruction, because it is a simple and efficient student-friendly system, created by a student for students. Susan Kruger, author of the SOAR® program, developed several ways to simplify the study skills she learned as a student to help her students resolve their learning and organizational struggles. Three principles guide the contents of the SOAR® Study Skills Curriculum:

  • Strategies must be time-efficient. Strategies must be realistic for students to do, save them time, and reduce as many unnecessary steps as possible.
  • Strategies must be effective.
  • Strategies must apply across the content areas. There are many “study skills” that are useful techniques, but we only select or develop strategies that apply across content areas so that students will clearly understand the appropriate times/settings to use the strategies. This approach empowers students to confidently take more responsibility for their own work and develop a more strategic approach to all of their learning.

Through the SOAR® Study Skills program, students learn to:

  • Manage time
  • Organize papers
  • Complete homework
  • Read textbooks
  • Study for tests
  • Take notes
  • Take tests
  • Communicate with teachers and parents
  • Write research papers
  • Set goals

SA/FE COACH (Student Advocate/Family Education)

Our SA/FE coaches have years of experience advocating for students with more intensive social and emotional needs, bringing a unique support system directly to each elementary through college student with whom they work. As academic advocates and executive skills coaches, they work one-on-one with students and their families, school counselors, teachers, and other community providers to help create personal plans for a successful educational pathway. 

Home School Instruction

STARS staff provides subject specific individualized instruction to students who are being home schooled. The small classroom at STARS is also available for use by home school groups who have their own instructor.